Welcome! eDoc is a system that integrates Electronic Documents and utilizes vendor (DocuSign)  provided electronic work flow and electronic signature framework to automate  business processes. The DocuSign implementation in eDoc is based on Saas (Software As a Service) model. At a very high level the following diagram illustrates eDoc system and its ancillary interfaces.

Some of the typical use of eDoc can be (but not limited to)

  • Electronic Signature capturing
  • Electronic Work Flow
  • Document tracking and notifications
  • Online data capturing forms that are also compatible with mobile devices
  • Online storage and retrieval of all correspondence

eDoc is a complete ecosystem that integrates with enterprise Financial/Administrative systems at UC Merced. In present day, eDoc is currently being utilized to automate departmental recharge and various HR functions. We are hard at work implementing eDoc with other business scenarios consequently allowing eDoc to be further integrated to many of our existing systems/business processes. We should be able to announce enhanced services in the coming months.

UC Merced departments that have a need to streamline their business process,  requires capturing authorization via electronic signature or could utilize electronic work flow should consider using eDoc system.

Need more information? Interested in a system demo? Contact our support group and we will get in touch. Contact us at –
Email: appsupport@ucmerced.edu